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    8 Stephen Hawkin Quotes That Inspired Me

    Of all the celebrity deaths that regularly roll through the media, very few give me pause as I have no sense of connection with any of them. Celebrities, in my eyes, are generally people that are given far too much attention for very little reason (or often purely vulgar reasons such as living selfish lives of excess).

    There are some exceptions. Where celebrity has been earned through dedication to a work that genuinely benefits our lives, I take more of an interest and I have to admit, I was genuinely saddened to read of the passing of Stephen Hawkin.

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    7 Trees In Ink (a personal challenge)

    I love drawing trees but because of my busy schedule taking care of the kids and getting client work done, I’ve found myself drawing less and less recently.

    To help me get back into drawing I set myself a personal challenge to draw seven tree-based pictures using a fountain pen. This is partly because I joined a new group on Facebook that is solely for fountain pen artists and it helped inspire me to get going again!

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