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30 Day People Sketching Challenge

I’ve been neglecting drawing recently so I decided I needed to start picking up my pens again and just start sketching.

To give me some motivation I thought I’d tackle something that I’ve always struggled with; drawing people. And what better way to stay motivated than to start a 30-day challenge?

I’ve got to be honest (with myself), the last time I tried a challenge was Inktober 2018 and that didn’t go so well because life got in the way but this time I’m just going to spend 15-30 minutes a day on the challenge.

The rules

I ‘just’ have to sketch at least one person for each day, in ink, with no pencil sketches beforehand. It’s not like I usually start with a pencil anyway. 🙂

There’s no time limit but I want to push myself to improve so I’m not going to let myself get away with a half-assed attempt.

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